Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pat O'Hara Finds His Hollywood Niche

By Carson Ingle
Special to Page 2

Orlando Predators coach Pat O'Hara had a small part in "The Waterboy" with Adam Sandler.

For Pat O'Hara, the road to Hollywood wound through Orlando. O'Hara, a former USC quarterback who grew up in Santa Monica and is now an Arena League coach, also has a day job -- as a football consultant to the stars.

The Orlando Predators coach, who as a player led the Predators to two league championships, trains A-list actors like Adam Sandler, Jamie Foxx and Mark Wahlberg to look like gridiron stars. Surprisingly, he discovered the stars he worked with were great athletes and highly coachable.

"Actors are like sponges," O'Hara said. "They want to learn so bad. They will do everything you tell them to do, to a T. You have to be careful about every word that comes out because many of these high-profile actors are perfectionists."