Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jake Long Highlights All-Island Team

By Rob Daniels
Special to Page 2

Jake Long

Miami Dolphins lineman Jake Long makes Page 2's All-Island Team.

No man is an island, but these men at least sound like they belong in relative isolation. Don't get "Lost" as we present the All-Island Team:

Tony Banks: Probably felt a bit deserted when he lost his starting job as Baltimore Ravens quarterback to Trent Dilfer in 2000, but he did get a Super Bowl ring that year thanks to Ray Lewis and crew on defense. As for Banks Island, it's part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, which looks like the sort of place to which backup quarterbacks get banished. The island is named for Sir Joseph Banks, a British horticulturist credited with bringing eucalyptus to this part of the world.

John Block: The 6-foot-9 power forward swatted 35 shots for the 1973-74 Kansas City-Omaha Kings and probably restrained his ego better than Adrian Block, the Dutch explorer who charted a piece of land 11 miles from modern-day Rhode Island and named it after himself in 1614. We're guessing they play basketball on Block Island, but the quality isn't scintillating: Lots of shots that never get to the rim and lots of drives to the basket that get cut short by step-slow defenders.