Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Above Atlanta on Goodyear Blimp

By Michelle Hiskey
Special to Page 2

ATLANTA -- Fast, lean and young athletes may rule the field.

But the Goodyear blimp dominates the sky by being slow, lazy, fat and old.

That's what makes riding in it so fun.

The Spirit of Innovation touched down in a big field near Atlanta Motor Speedway this week, its home while covering Saturday's SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome.

Sweat dripped only as the blimp docked. A crew of 16 in black uniforms ran out like a grounds crew in the sixth inning, grabbing cables dangling from the blimp, steadying the 13,000 pounds of helium as it hovered just above the ground.

Goodyear blimp
The ground crew heads out to wrestle the 13,000-pound Goodyear blimp.