Friday, June 29, 2012


WHAT WE ARE: A clearinghouse for sports freelance assignments. Sports Media Exchange (SMEX) matches sports publications and organizations with writers to cover events around the U.S. and worldwide. Registered freelancers will have the opportunity to get and pitch assignments with print and online media outlets on an a-la-carte or contract basis.

WHO WE ARE: Sports Media Exchange was formed and developed by three veteran sports journalists who have built an extensive network of editors, publishers, sports organizations and writers. And they know just how hard it is to get good help and find assignments. 

WHAT WE HAVE DONE: Placed hundreds of articles in major online and print media outlets, helping freelancers to find assignments and cover events.

Press release of NCAA partnership:
NCAA, SMEX Team Up to Expand Coverage on

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SMEX Offers Federation of Freelancers