Friday, October 15, 2010

No Closer Shave for Giants' Brian Wilson

SAN FRANCISCO - Baseball's stats pages show that the San Francisco Giants led all of major league baseball in team ERA (3.36) strikeouts (1,331) and saves (57) and gave up the fewest hits (1,279).

And although no stats are kept for theatrical props, the Giants are unofficially baseball's leaders in that category, too.

Brian Wilson had 48 saves during the regular season.

"You've got the Timmy [Lincecum] wigs, the Pablo Sandoval ["Kung Fu Panda"] hats, and now the new beards," Giants closer Brian Wilson said. "Everybody's got their own identity out there, and it's close to Halloween, so it's perfect."

Inspired by Wilson's black-dyed lumberjack-style beard, those "new beards" are a product of the Giants "Fear the Beard" rallying cry. Some Giants fans are growing out their facial hair Wilson-style, while others are wearing fake ones. "Fear the Beard" T-shirts are selling briskly and lighting up online auctions (an eBay search produced 69 items).